Because TDR+ is an all-volunteer based organization, we receive no funds from the federal or state government, or from other outside sources (other than donations made by people like you). In order to offer our life-saving services, we are reliant on the goodwill and assistance or the public for everything from veterinary expenses to supplies. Please take a moment to browse our list of ways to help (below), as every little bit helps. Thank you, and God bless!


Make a ONE TIME direct donation directly to our general fund!  Just click the “donate” button below to use your debit or credit card and send us a tax-deductible gift to help our dogs and our cause!




Subscribe to a  MONTHLY tax-deductible donation to our general fund, which will be used to aid our dogs in need and our cause!  Donors that choose this option can expect periodic photos of dogs helped by their generosity, and other small tokens of our appreciation sent to them from time to time (which could be a key chain, window decal, hat, etc.).  If this option is selected, your card or account will be automatically billed each month for the amount you initially choose, and just email us when you decide you want to cancel!  It’s really that easy!

Monthly Payment Options


Send us a package!  The items listed below are ALWAYS in great demand, and can be shipped to us at:

Tennessee Doberman Rescue Plus
3511 Overlook Circle 
Knoxville, TN 37874

1.) 42″ Crates ( has them listed for $50 each)

2.) Segmented bowls (like the big 7 cup model ProSelect Control Bowl sold on

3.) Blankets and towels (in any condition)

4.) Flea medications like Capstar, Advantix, and Frontline (no Hartz or Sergeant products please)

5.) Regular harnesses (in any color and medium, large, and extra large sizes

6.) Anti-pull harnesses and Gentle Leaders Head Collars


7.) Thundershirts (

Have you ever wondered where your money goes when you donate? Well here is a visual for you, taken straight from our financials (just click on the photo to make it bigger)! While we can’t function as a rescue without some minor operating expenses, we do our best to see that they stay minimal, and that our dogs and their needs are put before anything else. Also, we try to be as open as possible when it comes to how we operate, so if you have any questions, just feel free to send us an email – we will get back to you within 2-3 business days!