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Surrender Form
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Please read before surrendering your dog to us, or any other rescue: Deciding to surrender a pet can be heartbreaking, but before you do so, we ask that you first contact the shelter or breeder from which you originally obtained the dog. Many organizations require that animals be returned to them in the event the pet cannot be kept. If that fails you may contact us. Because we are a foster-based organization we have a limit to the number of dogs we can have in our program at any given time. If we can accept your dog into our program, you will need to complete a surrender form which provides a release transferring ownership of the animal to TDR+. Once a pet is surrendered to TDR+, visitation with the surrendered pet is prohibited, and all rights are terminated. You will no longer have any input in the life (or death) of your former pet. We take pride in the fact that dogs in our program remain in foster care until they are adopted, without a time or space limit. Sadly, ‘no-kill’ does not mean that we never euthanize, since the reality is that not every dog that comes to us can be adopted. This decision is not made lightly. Each case varies, but if a dog is terminally ill and suffering, exhibits repeated aggression towards people (especially signs of rage syndrome), has shown severe and unreasonable aggression toward other dogs, or severe behavioral problems which cannot be corrected, they are deemed unadoptable and are euthanized. This decision is gut-wrenching and one we avoid whenever possible. Please be aware that once you have signed ownership of your pet to an animal welfare organization, there exists the chance that decisions regarding that animal you would not agree with will take place – especially in situations where we must take into account the safety of our fosters or adopters and place that responsibility above all else. When you give your animal away, it is a permanent decision, and one where you relinquish your rights to that animal. If you would prefer not to relinquish your pet, then we would be happy to advise you in ways to keep your animal.