Tennessee Doberman Rescue Plus (TDR+) is a 501(c)3 IRS recognized non-profit chartered with the state of Tennessee. Comprised completely of unpaid volunteers, TDR+ rescues in excess of 100 dogs per year; the large majority of which are in imminent danger of euthanasia, neglect, or abuse. While we do take in owner surrenders from time to time as space allows, most of the dogs TDR+ intakes are those from shelters that are forced to euthanize for space or out of situations where their safety and well-being is being threatened and where the possibility of a safer forever home outside of rescue isn’t an option.

Originally founded under the name “A Pinsch of Heaven Doberman Rescue,” TDR+ was re-branded in 2016 due to being (at the time) the only doberman specific rescue in the state of Tennessee that ALSO happens to take in dogs of other breeds that cross our immediate path and are in extreme need of rescue. While we love Doberman Pinschers, we don’t discriminate against dogs of ALL breeds and believe that rehabilitation begins with love, understanding, addressing the needs of each dog, and finding the home that compliments that particular dog and their unique temperament and personality!

TDR+ is a recognized rescue partner of the Doberman Pinscher Club of America and believes in reputable breeding practices, however, we also knows that 99% of the Doberman Pinschers bred in Tennessee are not being bred to standard or with longevity and health in mind. So, we do all we can to ensure that families that adopt through us are well versed in the health and temperament of their dog from the day of adoption forward; never hiding a known temperament or health defect and trying to educate families on what they may expect as their family pet ages.

When you adopt from us at TDR+, you adopt more than just a dog. You adopt a family. A dog you have the absolute best chances of having fit your lifestyle and needs, as well as a rescue family that is willing to coach you through introductions to other dogs and family members that live in your household, nutrition, and more!

We’re here for the life of your dog to assist you in whatever you may need, no matter what!

Fallon Houser

Fallon Houser

President and Founder

Fallon Houser lives with her husband and 4 year old son in Sweetwater, TN. A fan of everything with 4 legs, Fallon is a K9 Trainer and the Owner/Founder of The Complete K9, which has multiple locations throughout the Southeast! With her master’s degree in business, time as a veterinary technician, 20 years as a volunteer for multiple shelters and other rescues, assistance in helping other non-profits to get off the ground, and as a member of the DPCA and UDC (as well as being an AKC CGC and Therapy Pets Unlimited Evaluator) – Fallon knows how to bring dogs and people together in the safest and best way for long-term success!

Tracy Wright

Tracy Wright

CPA, Treasurer

Tracy Wright has served on our Board of Directors since 2014, and is the financial glue that holds our rescue together. With extensive experience in non-profit tax law and an eye that can spot even the smallest areas of improvement, Tracy upholds the values of what a real 501(c)3 is (and should be) legally and ethically. She keeps an eye on not just the trees, but also the forest as a whole. Tracy lives with two pups she loves dearly, and while she may not be able to foster (because any dog that enters her home isn’t leaving), she gives back to countless lives through her daily work at keeping us solvent and on track!